Robiwood; It offers fun and unique play groups inspired by nature in order to increase our children's contact with nature. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the play set industry, we provide our children with organic materials and nature-friendly approach; We offer plastic-free, warm, sincere and different children's fairy tale villages.

Our company produces Robiwood products by our own experienced designers and technicians in 5,600 m2 production facilities located in Istanbul and Kocaeli in Turkey and sells them to many countries around the world.

Every piece of Robiwood products is produced from A to Z using the highest quality raw materials on the market. With our 20 years of experience in the sector, children’s safety is considered at the highest level. All details are produced by our expert team considering the smallest detail. For maximum benefit, it is possible to create assertive designs by making use of the irregular forms, which are the most important feature of the acacia tree.

Yes, Robiwood robinia children’s playgrounds and playground equipment are produced in accordance with EN 1176 European and ASTM norms. It is put into operation after final checks are made with internationally accepted control methods.

No, all paints and raw materials used in Robinia children’s playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment are used after receiving test reports proving that they are harmless to human and child health.

Because acacia wood is very hard and durable. There is no need to use impregnations and similar toxic protective chemicals that must be used on pine and similar materials to avoid being affected by moisture and weather conditions.

It is the material that best suits playgrounds, thanks to its organic and trapezoidal forms, which are not found in pine wood.

Products produced from black acacia are preferred to be used without any dyeing or lubrication, especially in Europe. Even this way it can be used for decades. Over time, its color turns gray and acquires a rustic appearance. If you prefer oil paint and paint, it will be beneficial to oil it to preserve its appearance over time.

Yes, all the wooden materials we use have FSC Certificate. Most of the equipment used consists of recyclable materials. Since stainless steel is mostly used in playgrounds, the use of plastic is minimal.